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Though Biofeedback has been around for 40 years, it still is not used as widely as it should be. It is a very effective technique for treating many stress symptoms such as Headaches, Hypertension, Anxiety, Gastro Intestinal symptoms, Insomnia and even Chronic Pain - just to name a few.

Simply, instruments measure specific bodily changes (muscle tension, circulation, etc.) and turn that information into a signal that the patient can understand. For example. If you were referred to the office with Tension Headaches, EMG biofeedback can be used to measure muscle tension from the outside of the body (nothing goes in your body and there is no pain). Sensors sit on the surface and measure the muscle tension. The machines take the signal and transform it into an auditory tone, or a line on a computer screen. By paying attention to that 'feedback' and listening to the instructions of the therapist, you can learn to control those signals and therefore control your symptoms. It can be a very fast and effective means of controlling a wide variety of symptoms.
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